Regency Green – Park Ridge

Park Ridge is a suburb of the City of Logan, Queensland, Australia. Park Ridge lies to Logan's west and enjoys a rural setting. There are manicured acreage properties buffered by bushland. At the 2011 census the suburb recorded a population of 2,328. Part of the suburb's western boundary is marked by the Mount Lindesay Highway.

Regency Green is located at Park Ridge, with 80 house and land packages. The 80 lots contain four package types tailored to suit your budget: 3 beds 1 garage type, 4 beds 2 garages type, 5 beds 4 garages type and 6 beds 4 garages type. This project is proudly developed by GGPG, whose focus is on sustainability not only from an environmental perspective but from a social and economical perspective. Each house and land package features a six-year structural guarantee as well as a 12-month maintenance guarantee on materials and workmanship.

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