About Us

About us

Leadex is a property investment company with our headquarter based in Sydney, we have been providing quality services to our customers for more than eight years. We aim to provide the best service to customer, helping them to achieve their investment needs.
Today we have become a worldwide property investment firm providing investment strategies to customers globally.

Our marketing strategy is different from traditional real estate agencies as our client base is much broader, our consultants listen to what customers need and then design a unique investment strategy, which is tailored to each individual customer.

We assist our clients who want to take on the investment path in real estate, on the other hand; we provide ongoing training to our consultants to keep them up to date with the latest compliance and information. Hence , our consultants can analyze and strategically plan for individual clients.

The Leadex Story

In the middle of 80s, TC Lam has arrived in Sydney with a thousand dollars that his father has left him. He started his investment path in the Australian real estate market in the early 90’s and has since became knowledgeable and experienced in researching and analysing within the real estate market.

Not only has he successfully built himself a multi-million dollars portfolio but with his 20 over year’s skills & knowledge, he also helps others to achieve the same. Many high-end individuals todays have been benefited from his sharing.

The thing is that purchases of these properties were not merely a result from the hard work and salaries, but rather they are the accumulation of a unique system. In 2006, TC gave up a high position alongside with a well-paid salary; he was invited and joined in a property investment company as a senior investment strategist. He helped customers to implement their property investment needs, tailored investment plans accordingly with their situation with solution.

In 2008 LEADEX was founded by TC in Sydney, the company and its networking is on a flourishing path, in the past 8 years LEADEX brought its convincing property investment philosophy and great investment opportunities overseas, providing a whole new channel for investors which received highly positive feedback and result.

This makes us unique

We are different from traditional real estate agencies, our unique investment strategy and checklist system guide us on the selection of products, which maximize the return for our clients.

This balanced-portfolio system allows and ensures us to achieve the maximum leverage of return according to changes of the property cycle.

Who are we working with?

Leadex aims to provide the best products with high return, low risk to our customers. We choose to work with developers that have good reputation, to ensure that the products we are introducing to our customers are the best and most reliable for investment.

The Sunland Group, Brookfield Mutilplex, Australand, and Payce …etc. these are the leading developers in the industry and it is an honor to have been given the exclusive right to sell their projects.

Before choosing our strategic partners, we will have numerous of meetings with the developer to ensure it is the project that can fit our check-list.

After receiving product information, our consultants will gather up to discuss, get familiar with the project and have it properly present to clients.


a global alternative asset manager focused on property, renewable power and infrastructure assets with over $175 billion of assets under management. In Australia, Brookfield’s operating platforms include infrastructure, commercial office, construction, services and residential development.


found in 1983, sunland group introduced a new standard of residential living by directing every effort to creating environment of distinction. They emphasize on design and believe that design is the driving force behind their success.


Payce Consolidated Limited is a leading property development group and is publicly listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Founded in
1978, Payce has a proven track record insetting new international benchmarks with its landmark integrated, lifestyle developments. Payce has also won a reputation for not just delivering exceptional, intelligently -designed contemporary homes, but also in creating dynamic and cohesive communities. Specialists
in urban renewal, the team draws on best practice design principles, critical thinking and true innovation to create quality, inspirational and one of a kind residential, commercial and retail precincts.

Frasers Group

One of Australia’s most successful diversified property groups, their team of people puts customers at the heart everything they do. They have been involved in property investment for 85 years.

Gold Coast

Sanctuary Cove (Sunland Group)

Gold Coast


Link (Brookfield Multiplex)


Gold Coast

Glades (Sunland Group)

Gold Coast


Prince Henry (Brookfield Multiplex)



Marina (Billbergia Group)


Arbor Residence (Sunland Group)


Why them? Because we choose to work with the best and the most reliable developers.

Our marketing strategy

We extended our service overseas, launching and participating in many marketing events…including roadshows, focus-group campaigns regularly in order to serve our clients overseas.

Our Team

We create the best working environment for our staff. We share with our staff the latest information and data to support them on doing the job professionally.

Our cooperation

We worked with the best in the past, and we intend to keep our mission going. We are interested in working with companies that has high reputation and assure our client can get the best product.

We believe that working with such organization is going to benefit both parties in the long run.

Why Leadex?

We tailor strategic investment plans for our clients and developers (a win-win situation for all parties). Leadex has attracted a number of companies with high reputation in their region to join force with us.

Together we can make our cooperation perfect